Tuesday, December 11, 2018


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West Ryde Dojo

Over 80 metres of clear, fully matted training area, fully mirrored wall, fully equipped full time facilities.

Wes Ryde is a full-time dojo - open six days a week.  Membership entitles students to train as often as they desire.  Classes cover all aspects of training such as basics; self-defence; fitness; kata; tournament training and stretching.  Classes are held separately for children and adults.

You will be trained by the current Australian Team Coach, Australian Youth Development Coach and some of Australia's best current and past competitors. By joining ShinKyokushin Karate, You will experience challenges for both, your body and your mind. You will be encouraged and motivated to become the best you can be, at your own pace, in relaxed and positive environment.

West Ryde Dojo Instructors trained under Sensei Ishi who is a direct student of the late Sosai Oyama.  Sensei Ishi opened his full time dojo in Parramatta but returned to Japan in 2000.  He left the dojo in the capable hands of his senior students.


The Benefits

Fitness, confidence and the ability to defend yourself are only three of the benefits of Kyokushin Karate.  You will notice your reflexes improve, along with your cardiovascular system.  It is also a good social occasion to meet and train with new friends.


First two karate lessons free

A perfect chance to try karate.... call us or come in and you'll receive TWO FREE lessons with no obligation to continue.

This way, you decide for yourself whether or not Kyokushin Karate is for you before you pay a cent.





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