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A note to all our students and their families:

Please note that classes at West Ryde Dojo during the Christmas 2015 Holiday Break are: 

            Last Day of Training: Tuesday 22nd December 2015

First Day Back: Monday 4th January 2016

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all (parents included of course!) for the dedication to training you have shown this year.

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2016.


Sensei Wesley and Sensei Yasu                            

30 August 2015

Great results for West Ryde Dojo in 2015 Shinkyokushin National Tournament held today in Granville Town Hall.

Sempai Mathew Ah Chow - Middle Weight full contact, 1st place, Grand Champion (defeated light weight & then heavy weight winner), Technical Award.

Kailu Chen - Light Weight full contact, 1st place.

Jacquelyn Fong - 8-10 years old Kata, National Champion.

Kazuya Kusaka - Colts division, 2nd place.

Chris Papoulias - Heavy Weight novice division, 3rd place.

Competitors who missed out on placings this time, well done, you've shown great fighting spirit, congratulations on your great efforts.


Christmas 2014 Holiday Break




A note to all our students and their families:

Please note that classes at West Ryde Dojo during the Christmas 2014 Holiday Break are


Last Day of Training:  Monday 22nd December 2014

First Day Back:  Monday 5th January 2015

There will be no Friday Kata Classes in January 2015

We will resume Kata Classes in February

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all (parents included of course!) for the dedication to training you have shown this year.

We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2015.

Sensei Wesley and Sensei Yasu



From 1st February 2014 the new Dojo address is

28 Bridge Street  Rydalmere NSW 2116




A note to all our students and their families:

Please note that classes at West Ryde Dojo during the Christmas 2013 Holiday Break are:

Last Day of Training: Saturday 21st December 2013

First Day Back: Monday 6th January 2014

There will be no Friday Kata Classes in January 2014

We will resume Kata Classes in February

 We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all (parents included of course!) for the dedication to training you have shown this year.
We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2014.

Sensei Frank, Sensei Wesley and Sensei Yasu

2013 Shinkyokushin National Championships














2013 National Tournament will be held on Saturday 31st August in Cook & Philip Park, Cnr College & William Sts, Sydney.
Start time: 12.30 pm

There will bo no classes in West Ryde Dojo on that day.

Good Luck to all competitors attending

2012 Christmas Hiliday Break


A note to all our students and their families:
Please note that classes at West Ryde Dojo during the Christmas 2012

Holiday Break are:


Last Day of Training: Saturday 22nd December 2012

First Day Back:         Thursday 3rd January 2013

There will be no Friday Kata Classes in January 2013

We will resume Kata Classes on 1st February

 We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all (parents included of course!) for the dedication to training you have shown this year.

 We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2013.

Sensei Frank, Sensei Wesley, Sensei Yasu and Sensei Vanessa

December 2012
Congratulations to Sensei Yasunari Yahiro for achieving the grade of 3rd Dan at the recent National Training Camp in Harrietville.
West Ryde dojo also got additional two Junior Shodans, Ryo Enomoto & Loukas Haniotis. Boys successfully graded on December 2nd. 
Congratulations for these great achievements.
West Ryde Dojo keeps getting stronger & stronger.



























 New Junior Shodans: Sempai Ryo Enomoto and Sempai Loukas Haniotis

5th World Cup - Lithuania April 13th 2013
Congratulations to Sempai Terence Ozorio, Sempai Phillip Elias and Hamid Zandi from West Ryde Dojo, who will represent Australia in the 5th World Cup being held in Lithuania on April 13th 2013.

Tournament Venue & Time changes

Please note the change of venue & starting time of Selection Tournament on Saturday 20th October 2012.
Venue: King George V Recreation Centre, 3 Cumberland St, The Rocks
Time: 5.00pm 

Saturday, 20th October 2012 – Start time 5.00 pm. sharp






 VENUE: King George V Recreation Centre

3 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000

                   General Admission : Spectators- $30.00 CHILDREN U16- $15.00  

Officials and helpers meeting : at 5 pm.

Fighters meeting: at 6 pm.































 West Ryde Dojo Training during Christmas 2011
During Christmas period last trainig for 2011 will be on Saturday  December 24th. Training will resume on Wednesday January 4th.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

December 2011



 1. Message from WKO President

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,

First of all, I would like to start my message, by expressing my appreciation to all of you for your dedication and hard work for our organization.
It is already December, and I assume it is a busy time of the year for all of you. In Japan, the “Kanji of the Year” is announced every year in December. The Kanji (One ChineseCharacter) that is chosen for each year, symbolizes the characteristic of that specific year. “Bond” (Kizuna) was chosen to be the Kanji for this year. I believe that this reflects the situation inJapan after the earthquake in Eastern Japan, the recovery work, and what was noticed by everyone after the loss of many things due to the disaster.
As for the WKO, our year is symbolized by the success of the World Championship. Our friends from around the world gathered for this event, exchanging smiles and greetings, and the competitors showed their technique and strong spirit, which they had polished in preparation for the event, in order to compete for the honor of the world title. I believe that this was a dream moment for us Karate-kas.
Looking back at this year, Japan was exposed to various risks after the earthquake, and information about our situation was sent to the world through the media. There were indeed doubts of whether we would be able to hold the World Championship, but in the end, we wereable to see that such worries were groundless. The World Championship was a great success,thanks to all of you who visited Japan for this event, and we were able to realize the strongestand largest World Championship.
This was definitely a year where we were able to reconfirm the “bond” (Kizuna) between us, which I appreciate very much.
So let us continue our work for the further development of our WKO, and while maintaining the strong bond between us, let us make our organization eternal. We do not have much time to rest, for we need to set sail towards our next goal, the Karate World Cup in 2013. The official date of this tournament is now finalized, and will be held on April 13th-14th, 2013. A busy preparation period is awaiting the Lithuanian Branch, the host country of this event, and I wish them the best in their work. At the same time, I would also like to ask for the cooperation from all of our Branches, which will play an important role in making the event a great success.
Lastly, a Karate-ka must be a good member of society, as well as a caring member of his/her family. Therefore, it is very important for you to take care of your health, which will always be the cornerstone of your daily lives. Please cherish the bond between your family members, take good care of yourself, and let us continue our work next year.
This year will soon end, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you and the strong bond that I can feel between us, and I would like to end this last greeting of the year by extending my deepest appreciation to the founder of kyokushin Karate, Sosai Oyama.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Kenji Midori

July 2010







































1.   Message from WKO President Shihan Kenji Midori - July 2010

Dear Branch Chiefs and Contacts,
I am so grateful and honored to see the unity demonstrated by all of you, which will continue to be vital for the further development of WKO. With the coming of July, we will be having numerous Summer Camps held throughout Europe. We have received many invitations for Japanese instructors, and many of them will be participating in these camps. On behalf of all the instructors, I would like express to you, of how honored we are to be able to receive these numerous invitations. Thank you very much. Although I try my best to adjust my schedule to meet the conditions for all invitations I receive, there unfortunately are times when this is not possible, and I always feel bad when I am not able to meet your requests. I hope though that there will come a day when I will be able to visit all of you, and when that time comes, I would like for us to completely focus ourselves on Karate, which we hold dearly.
The preparation process for next year’s 10th World Championship has finally started. The schedule for the tournament will be officially decided in July, and we will send you the details as soon as we confirm the relevant information. The official hotel, seminar location and other information are also tasks that have to be taken care of. I know that the time we have left before the tournament will pass very quickly, but we will do all we can to make the preparations necessary in order to welcome you all in Japan.
Thanks to the deep understanding and cooperation by all of you, the WKO is step by step, developing into the right direction. Thank you very much. Your opinions and ideas are most valuable for our development. As I always say, democracy requires patience and perseverance. But together, we will choose the best way, will work together, will make compromises, and last but not least, we will believe in the path that we have chosen all together. This is our WKO.
As a recent development, people who share our beliefs and values have joined us in Poland and Canada, by transferring to our organization from other Kyokushin groups. As evident in this month’s Newsletter, we have received many new members, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the WKO. Let us all work together to overcome the difficulties that are waiting ahead, for we are all friends who have gathered upon a common belief. We are all important friends who will stick together for the rest of our lives.
At the moment, we are very busy here in Japan with the preparations for the Dream Cup in August. 1,350 competitors will take part in this tournament. There will be many competitors from overseas branches as well, and I would like to express my respect to the overseas fighters for making this challenge. I sincerely hope this tournament will become the greatest experience for you. From next year, the Dream Cup will be open to overseas countries only every other year. This year will be the 3rd Dream Cup, and I hope that you will try to arrange tournaments similar to the Dream Cup in your own region and country. This will give all students of Karate a “Dream”, and as Branch Chiefs it is our responsibility to prepare this dream stage to our students. I will be looking forward to the further development of each region.
I would like to ask for all to reconfirm our three action plans, which is to become the strongest and largest Karate Organization in the world, to reach the number of 100 affiliated countries, and to join the Olympic Games. Let us all try our best to realize these goals.
Kenji Midori



 May 2010

Great achievement by Sempai Yasunari Yahiro & Sempai Philip Kim (West Ryde Dojo), who fought in The All Japan Weight tournament in May 22nd. With over 80 competitors in the light weight division, Sempai Yasu finished in top 8 (loosing in the quarter final to eventual winner of lightweight division), & Sempai Philip in top 16.

December 2009

West Ryde Dojo training during Christmas 2009
During Christmas period there will be no training on Monday 28th (Public Holiday) & Thursday 31st of December.
Tuesday 29th, & Wednesday 30th training as normal.
Year 2010 training starts on Monday 4th of January.

December 2009

Adult's Junior Grading will be held in Manly Dojo on 13/12/09 at 9.00am.

Address: 7-9 The Corso, Manly.

Good luck to all attending.

August 2009


Sunday 30th August, 2009

Venue: Cook & Philip Park  Aquatic & Fitness Centre

4 College St  Sydney 2000.

Ph: (02) 9326 0444 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (02) 9326 0444      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Registration & Weigh in: 8.15am

Start Time 9am Sharp



Adults Full Contact Open Div                    






June 2009

World Cup St Petersburg Russia

Watch the World Cup live on internet, Saturday 21/06/09 from 4.00 pm to midnight, & Sunday 22/06/09, from 5.00pm to 11.00 pm ( Sydney time) 

Link:   http://www.superkarate.ru/4cuptv.htm



May 2009

Adults Senior Grading (green belts & above) will be held on Sunday 24/05/09 in Manly Dojo.

Level 1, 7-9 The Corso, Manly.


April 2009

Adults Junior Grading will be held in West Ryde Dojo on Sunday 26/04/09 at 9.00am.

Address: First Floor, 1067 Victoria Road West Ryde.

See you all there. OSU

Christmas 2008

During Christmas 2008 Holiday Break there will be no classes on Christmas Eve (24/12/2008) & New Years Eve (31/12/2008). All other working days - training as usual.

We would like to thank you all for the dedication to training you have shown this year.  We wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas  and look forward to seeing you again in 2009.


December 2008

Adult's Junion Grading will be held in Manly Dojo on Sunday 7/12/2008 at 9.00am.

Address: Level 1, 7-9 The Corso, Manly.


November 2008

It was one year ago on November 12th that Sensei Ishi passed away. He was 44 years old.



November 2008

New date for the Northern Beaches Tournament is 23/11/08, 9.00am start. There will be Children's contact and non-contact, Adult Full Contact, and Adult Kata  divisions.


September 2008

Next Adults Junior Grading is on Sunday 21/09/08  at 9.00am in West Ryde Dojo.

August 2008

2008 National/Selection for the World Cup Tournament was in Geelong on 23/08/08. Great results from West Ryde Dojo fighters who demonstrated outstanding level of fighting. Light weight final between Sempai Yasu Yahiro & Sempai Philip Kim was clearly the best fight of the night.
Sensei Vanessa Mitchell, 1st place lightweight wemen's division, Sempai Yasu Yahiro, 1st place men's lightweight, and Sempai Philip Kim, 2nd place men's lightweight will represent Australia in the next Year's World Cup in St Petersburg, Russia.
Great achievement!!!  Congratulations!!!  Well Done!!!

April 2008

Congratulations to Sempai Yasu Yahiro for winning the middleweight division (at 69kg he is a lightweight fighter) of The Victorian Open Tournament on 13/04/08.
Sempai Yasu also received a Trophy for The Technical Excellence.
Well Done

April 2008

Sempai Yasu Yahiro & Sempai Ali Soueid will be fighting in Victorian Open Tournament this Sunday, 13/04/08
Good Luck,  GAMBARE!!!

March 2008


Training Seminar on Sunday 16th of March is being held in Manly Dojo (starts at 9.00am).
Level 1, 7-9 The Corso, Manly.

February 2008


From 1st of February some changes were made to the class structure & training times.

New additional classes allow us to focus on specific training for students with all levels of ability.

All students though are welcome to all classes. Advanced students are welcome to attend beginners class, & beginners are encouraged to attend other classes. Please, take advantage of all available training times & attend as many classes as you wish.

Please see updated times table below.

Monday 6.30pm - 8.00pm   Intermediate/Advanced Class
Tuesday 5.00pm - 6.00pm   Children Class
  6.30pm - 8.00pm   Beginners/Intermediate Class
Wednesday 6.30pm - 8.00pm   Intermediate/Advanced Class
Thursday 5.00pm - 6.00pm   Children Class
  6.00pm - 7.00pm   Beginners Class
  7.00pm-8.30pm Intermediate Class
Friday 6.30pm - 8.00pm   Kata/Intermediate Class
Saturday 9.30am - 10.30am   Intermediate Class
  10.30am - 11.30am Kumite/Tournament Class              








 Shihan Ishi's Memorial Service

On January 14th, A simple Memorial Service was held at the So-Honbu Dojo in the memory of Shihan Tokujun Ishi, who passed away on November 12th last year (44 years old). Shihan Ishi's family, and the Japanese Branch Chiefs attended this event.

Everybody placed a flower at an alter and sent his/hers prayers to Shihan Ishi.

In the end we all made 10 Seiken Tsuki (Punches) and with this we hope that our prayers and feelings reached Shihan Ishi where he is now.

JKO Office




December 2007


Training Times during Christmas

During Christmas period there will be no training on Monday 24th & Monday 31st of December.
Thursday 27th, Friday 28th,  Saturday 29th training as normal.
Year 2008 training starts on Wednesday 2nd of January.

Adults Junior Grading

Junior Grading is on Sunday 9/12/2007 at 9.00am in West Ryde Dojo.
Level 1, 1067 Victoria Road, West Ryde.

November 2007

Sad News of Shihan Tokujun Ishi's Death

No words can express the sadness we feel from the loss of Shihan Ishi, and as it is very hard to express our thoughts and feelings right now,  please read the official communication from WKO in Japan below.

"It is with great sorrow that we send you this sad news.  Only two weeks after the International Seminar, on October 30th, Ishi Shihan got sudden troubles with the circulatory organs (the main artery), and on the same day he went through an 11 hours long emergency surgery.  The doctors managed to save his life at that time, and further treatment was carried out at the Intensive Care Unit.  However on November 4th, he’s condition got worse, and he went through a second surgery.  After this second surgery, Shihan Ishi continued to struggle for his life, but other organs such as lungs and kidneys started to fail, and he also got a cerebral infarction which made his condition worse.

 Despite prayers made by President Midori and all Branch Chiefs, as well as students and many, many other people, Shihan Ishi passed away today, on November 12th at 11:17am.  He was 44 years old.

His death has come as a great shock for us, and it is still difficult to believe it. Today here in Japan, we all suffer a great grief and intense sorrow.

 On November 7th, we sent out information to the WKO Board Members about Shihan Ishi’s condition.  However, since his condition changed daily we wanted to wait with sending out information to all overseas Branch Chiefs.  We apologize for not being able to inform you earlier of the situation.

 From the bottom of our heart, we do all pray for the soul of Shihan Ishi, a person who has been given so much to our organization.


WKO Office"









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